BEKA One – Single Point Lubricator

The BEKA ONE is designed for individual lubrication points, offering a precise and dependable lubrication process. It's the ideal choice when an automatic system is too large for the task. This versatile system allows for consistent lubrication cycles ranging from 1 to 24 months per refill. It can be refilled as often as needed, and its interchangeable battery feature means a one-time cost for the BEKA ONE.

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BEKA One - Single Point Lubricator

What is the BEKA ONE?

The BEKA ONE stands as an electromechanical lubricator designed to deliver lubrication to individual lubrication points. It proves to be the optimal choice for ensuring a safe, accurate, and dependable lubrication process in instances where an automatic system might be too large for the job at hand. 

With the BEKA ONE, you’re ensured a reliable lubrication cycle spanning from 1 to 24 months per replenishment. The noteworthy feature lies in its refillable nature, allowing for as frequent refilling as necessary. Thanks to its interchangeable battery component, there’s a one time cost associated with the BEKA ONE.

This versatile system comes in two variations: one with a grease cartridge, and the other equipped with a refillable reservoir. Regardless of whether your application calls for oil or grease, the BEKA ONE rises to the occasion. It stands as a sustainable, cost-effective solution and easy to install. 

  • Powered by standard batteries, no need for specialised battery packs.
  • Once in a lifetime buy due to replaceable batteries.
  • Capable of sustaining an operating pressure of up to 20 bar.
  • Suitable for oil and grease.
  • Facilitates remote mounting up to a distance of 10 meters.
  • Can be used wherever there are lubrication points


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System Overview

1. Magnetic cap
The magnetic cap is the key component of the BEKA ONE. With this cap you can set the operation time of the system, or power the system on and off without contaminating the pumps inside.

2. Protective cover
The BEKA ONE has a protective cover to make sure the system is protected from dirt, dust and liquids. Due to the IP-rating of the system, you don’t have to worry about cleaning with a high pressure washer.

3. Grease cartridge
The cartridge version of the BEKA ONE is equipped with a 120 ml grease cartridge. You can easily replace the cartridge when it’s empty and be assured that the right grease is used without any contaminations.

4. Lubricant reservoir
The refillable version of the BEKA ONE is equipped with a 120 ml reservoir, suitable for oil and grease. The reservoir can easily and quickly be refilled with a grease gun or oil press, using the grease fitting. Replacement of the reservoir is not necessary. Because the grease fitting is located behind the cover it’s protected from dirt, dust and liquids, preventing contamination of the lubricant during refilling.

5. Batteries
The BEKA ONE is driven by two 1.5V AA-batteries which are safely covered and replaceable when low on power. There’s no special battery pack needed, you can use standard batteries. To achieve functionality at a certain pressure and below a certain temperature, it’s recommended to use Lithium-ion batteries.

6. Activation zone
The activation zone is used to activate and set-up the system in combination with the magnetic cap. The settings can easily be changed any time. The delivered amount of lubricant varies on the selected month settings.

7. Indication LEDs
Bright LEDs indicate the system operation. Green LEDs show the remaining lubrication cycles for the filling, while a bright red LED starts flashing when an error occurs or the batteries are running low. The LEDs also indicate the backpressure of the system after each lubrication cycle.

8. Outlet
The BEKA ONE has a metal outlet thread to mount the system directly on a lubrication point. If necessary an adapter can be used. Remote mounting of the system with a polyamide tube is also possible.

How does it work?

After installing the lubricator on or near the lubrication point and the batteries are placed, the lubricator has to be activated with the activation cap. With the same activation cap the operation time has to be set. When the operation time is set, the system is ready for operation. The delivered amount of lubricant varies on the selected month settings. See video 

The BEKA ONE is operated by electromechanical actuation and stands out due to the precise metering and wide temperature range of use.

Filling Cycles

The delivered amount of lubricant varies on the selected month settings.

Month setting

Amount per month

Amount per week


120 cc

27.5 cc


40 cc

9.2 cc


20 cc

4.6 cc


10 cc

2.3 cc


5 cc

1.1 cc

Technical Information



Power supply

3V (2x 1.5V) batteries

Rechargeable NIMI batteries or standard alkaline batteries possible. At a pressures >10 bar or temperatures <15 °C lithium-ion batteries are recommended.


Transparent plastic

Discharge settings

1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months

Lubricant volume

Depending on month settings, vary from 5 up to 120 cc per month

Temperature range 1)

+15°C up to +60°C (Alkaline)

-20°C up to + 60°C (Lithium)

Operating pressure

Max. 20 bar

Number of outlets


Max. tube length 2)

10 meters

Connection threath

1/4” conical

Lubricants 3)

Oil: ISO VG 31 – 680 mm2/s Grease: up to NLGI-2

Reservoir volume

120 ml


H. 180 mm, Ø 86 mm

Weight – empty

460 g

Protection class


1) Depending on lubricant and ambient temperature

2) Based on use of NLGI-2 grease at room level temperature

3) Using solid lubricants can reduce the lifetime of the motor unit

Sold individually or in cartons of 12