Lubrication solutions Singleline Grease Pump

Groeneveld SingleLine

The combination of a strong and reliable pump and a wide range of unique metering units makes the SingleLine a highly suitable system for trucks, agriculture equipment, mobile or fixed processing plant.

Independent of ambient temperature and grease viscosity, the system will apply exactly the pre-set amount of grease at each lubrication point. Long lines and large numbers of lubrication points do not pose a problem for this high quality system. The system works with a relatively low pressure, preventing separation of the grease. The patented volumetric metering units ensure that the grease metering per lubrication point can be perfectly adjusted to the demand of the part to be lubricated.

  • Optimum lubrication and sealing of all lubrication points
  • Easy to install and extend, quick coupling allows easy expansion of the system
  • The unique metering units offer an exact and adjustable amount of grease per lubrication point
  • Filler coupling with filter in order to prevent contamination of the grease during filling
  • Optionally equipped with a level indicator in the grease reservoir with an active warning

Follower Plate

  • The follower plate ensures that all the grease in the reservoir is used. This means that the reservoir wall remains clean, allowing you to check the grease level visually. Ageing of the grease as a result of oxidation is also prevented.


  • SingleLine is available with reservoir of 4 or 8 litres can be requested

Filler coupling with filter

  • The filling coupling with grease filter prevents contamination of the grease during filling.

Pump housing

  • The pump is made of hard anodised aluminium and nylon reinforced – containing the control unit, memory database and minimum level indicator.
Groeneveld Singleline

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