Groeneveld OnePlus

The Groeneveld OnePlus is a unique progressive lubrication system that can be operated independently. It is a the ultimate solution for machine that have different components requiring different amounts of lubrication. The prevents unnecessary lubrication of components that are not moving. 

  • A lubrication circuit that can be operated independently
  • Grease metering regardless of the ambient temperature
  • Optimal grease metering per lubrication point
  • Follower plate for visual checking of the grease level and to prevent again of the grease as a result of oxidation
  • Filling coupling with filter prevents contamination during filling
  • Provided with in-cab check light

Follower Plate

  • The follower plate ensures that all the grease in the reservoir is used. This means that the reservoir wall remains clean, allowing you to check the grease level visually. Ageing of the grease as a result of oxidation is also prevented.


  • OnePlus is available with a reservoir of 4 litres

Filler coupling with filter

  • The filling coupling with grease filter prevents contamination of the grease during filling. To be able to fill the reservoir using a special filling pump, a special filler coupling can be installed

Pump housing

  • The pump is made of hard anodised aluminium and nylon reinforced – containing the control unit, memory database and minimum level indicator.
  • The controller is the core of the OnePlus. The electronic controller, with a real-time clock and memory, ensures that each lubrication circuit receives the exact amount of grease that has been programmed. These settings can always be adjusted to changing working conditions. 
Lubrication solutions oneplus grease system

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