These are our frequently asked questions, contact us if you would like to know something else. 

How long will it take to fit my system?

This varies depending on the equipment being fitted but in most cases we require a truck for 1 day or machinery and plants for 1.5 – 2 days. Some bigger jobs may require longer but we will discuss this with you if required.

What will a system cost?

The price varies greatly as it is dependent on the amount of grease points and time involved to fit the system. The return on investment is well worth fitting a system though. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will advise a price.

How often will I have to refill the grease pump?

This depends on a couple of factors. On average truck systems will last for 30-40,000km but most people just top them up at service time.  Machines can be anywhere from 50 – 500 hours depending on the size of the pump and machine. (When we can, we will try to set it up to work with service intervals EG: 250 or 500 hours)

I have 2 points on the tail drum of a conveyor but can't justify a complete automatic system for them, what can you do?

That’s ok, we can set up remote lines to the 2 points so you can fill from a safe area. No need to have you or your staff near dangerous moving parts. 

What grease should I be using in my system?

If you have a truck and some agricultural gear you need to run an EP-0 grade grease.

For machinery, most plant and agricultural gear you need to run an EP-2 grade grease.

Talk to use about your grease requirements as we have different options to suit different applications.

How do I refill the pump?

We can either sell you a pail of grease and a pump for DIY or visit you and fill your system for you. Most dealer workshops have the ability to fill systems also.