Lubrication Solutions BEKA EP-1


The EP-1 is an electric actuated pump with up to 3 lubrication outlets. The EP-1 is able to deliver commercial lubricants
from NLGI-000 up to NLGI-2 at a working pressure of maximum 280 bar. Therefore, this system is the ultimate solution for
different applications in on road, construction, agriculture and port equipment.

  • A versatile solution for most mobile and stationary applications
  • Suitable for all common lubricants
  • Springless pump elements with desmodromic drive for highest reliability
The electronic control of the central lubrication is adapted to the operating conditions of the vehicle and activates the pump in defined intervals. The pump supplies grease via a main line to the distributors that forward the quantity to the individual bearing points. Due to the modular distributor design, each friction point is supplied with the perfect lubricant quantity.
Level Monitor
  • The EP-1 can be equipped with an electronic grease level controller to control the minimum grease level
  • The EP-1 reservoir is made of transparent plastic and contains an agitator blade. The agitator blade enables a visual check of the lubricant volume in the reservoir. 
  • EP-1 is available with different reservoir capabilities

Pump Element

  •  The EP-1 has up to a maximum of 3 lubricant outlets. A separate pump element is required for each outlet. Three pump elements with different flow rates are available, as well as a flow-adjustable pump element.
Filling Zerk
  •  The pump can be filled with a standard filling gun. The filling zerk can be replaced by a filler coupling
Control Unit
  •  The EP-1 series differ in control type. EP-1 can be controlled externally or with an integrated control unit with;
      • 3 control functions: time, stroke or revolutions
      • Electronic monitoring of grease level, pump function, distributor function, line rupture, lubricant feeding
      • Selection of operating conditions: easy, medium or heavy
      • Integrated data logger with diagnosis module DiSys
Lubrication Solutions BEKA EP-1 System

If you want to ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your machinery, the BEKA EP-1 auto greaser is the ideal solution. This innovative system delivers precise and reliable lubrication to critical components, preventing wear and tear and reducing downtime. With its advanced technology, easy installation, and versatile capabilities, the BEKA EP-1 is the ultimate choice for a wide range of applications, including on-road, construction, agriculture, and port equipment. Invest in the BEKA EP-1 auto greaser today and experience the benefits of hassle-free maintenance and improved equipment performance.