Lubrication Solutions Twin Grease System

Groeneveld Twin

Unique product features make the Groeneveld Twin the best solution for larger machines that are often used under extreme conditions. The system works under relatively low pressure, which means that the structure – and therefore the quality – of the grease is preserved.

The dual-line system with its patented metering units ensures that all lubrication points are always optimally lubricated. This is made possible due to precise metering and lubrication intervals, also in case of extremely low or high ambient temperatures and large distances between pump and lubrication points. In addition, it is easy to expand the system to detachable equipment pieces. This makes the lubrication system extremely suitable for larger machines such as large wheel loaders and dump trucks, but also for spreaders and heavy haulage trailers. 

  • Grease output and grease delivery independent of ambient temperature and grease viscosity
  • Due to the relatively low work pressure, the quality of the grease is preserved
  • Modern pump with real-time clock, memory, CAN-Bus connection and follower plate
  • High quality metering units and distribution blocks
  • Comes with in-cab display
  • Available with reservoir volumes ranging from 2 to 200 litres
  • Easy to program, install and extend
  • The filling coupling with filter prevents contamination during filling
  • Easily extended to grippers, excavation buckets and other equipment pieces through quick couplers
  • Suitable for biodegradable greas

Follower Plate

  • The follower plate ensures that all the grease in the reservoir is used. This means that the reservoir wall remains clean, allowing you to check the grease level visually. Ageing of the grease as a result of oxidation is also prevented.


  • Twin is available with reservoir volumes of 4 and 8 litres.

Filler coupling with filter

  • The filling coupling with grease filter prevents contamination of the grease during filling.

Pump housing

  • The pump is made of hard anodised aluminium and nylon reinforced, containing the control unit, memory database and minimum level indicator

Working Principle

A Twin system consists of a pump with a grease reservoir, a main line network to the distribution blocks with metering units and a secondary line network to the lubrication points. The grease is pumped into the distribution blocks via a double main line network. The metering units supply the exact amount of grease needed to each of the lubricant points. The pump switches off once the pressure in all metering units is at least 100 bar. As a result, the right amount of grease is consistently provided to each lubrication point, independent of the counter-pressure, temperature or viscosity of the grease. 

Lubrication solutions working principles

Twin in-cab display

In order to check the status of the system, the driver or operator does not have to leave the cabin. The in-cab display will show system messages in the cabin. This will allow an easy and fast diagnosis of the system, as well as remote assistance.

Lubrication solutions in-cab control

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