Rotalube New Zealand

Welcome, we are the New Zealand distributors for Rotalube Systems

Rotalube® is a unique range of patented industrial chain lubrication systems that involve applying accurate amounts of lubricant to roller chain and conveyor chain; it delivers lube to exactly the right part of the chain at exactly the right time, every time. The performance of Rotalube® automated chain lubrication is not affected by speed fluctuations or indexing.

A truly simple and effective solution to extending chain life, whatever the size of chain there is a Rotalube® solution.


Rotalube New Zealand


How to request a quote

The Rotalube system is custom made to suit your operation.

To ensure we can supply an accurate quote please fill out the PDF below and return to us. For any questions contact our team.

The Rotalube is a cost saving product for any manufacturing operation. Once your details have been provided the process will move quickly. Our team are experienced with automatic lubrication systems for installations throughout New Zealand.