Toothed lock washer DIN 6797_A

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Toothed lock washer DIN 6797_A

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Toothed lock washers according to DIN 6797_A are commonly used in automatic greasing systems to prevent vibration or movement of the fittings and components that make up the system.

Toothed lock washers can help to prevent the fittings and components of an automatic greasing system from becoming loose or misaligned due to vibration or other forces. This can help to ensure that the lubricant is delivered to the correct location and in the correct amount, which is critical for the proper functioning of the system.

In automatic greasing systems, toothed lock washers are typically used in conjunction with other fasteners, such as bolts, nuts, or screws, to provide additional resistance to loosening or rotation. They are available in a range of sizes and dimensions to fit specific fittings and components in the system.

Overall, toothed lock washers according to DIN 6797_A are an important component of automatic greasing systems, helping to ensure that the system operates reliably and efficiently by preventing movement or misalignment of the system’s fittings and components.


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